I'll be at your side as you follow their traces

Whether on land, water or in the air – it is one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences in one's life to discover the great variety of animals and to study them at close quarters. Which are your favourite creatures – be they as tiny as spiders or as huge as elephants? Which ones have you always dreamed of getting to know better in the wild? Tell me your dreams and together we can make them come true – no matter in what country of this earth.

Once, on one of my trips passing through Patagonia to Tierra del Fuego on the way to Cape Horn, I came upon with a huge colony of penguins, observed thousands of sea lions, wandered with guanacos and vicuñas, experienced whales and orcas in the mating season, marvelled at the proud flight of the condor and caught the rattling of rattlesnakes between the big petrified trees.

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